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    Ray Kosulandich: Contactee Since 1959


    contact ray: kosseebaby47@gmail.com facebook: twitter: google+:

    Coevolution The Story Of UFO Contactee Alec Newald Full Interview

    Coevolution The Story Of Ufo Contactee Alec Newa...


    the rare interview that vanished off the net of alec newald in due to popular demand. alec has been covertly harassed, which is common for some ufo researche...

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    Официальный Alien Contactee Interview - James Gilliland

    Alien Contactee Interview - James Gilliland


    james gilliland is an internationally known speaker, author, and et contactee. james is also the founder of the self mastery earth institute, science, spirit...

    Официальный UFO - Abduction Experiences - Ernie Sears Contactee 7-08

    Ufo - Abduction Experiences - Ernie Sears Contac...


    mr sears lives in southampton england and has had paranormal experiences all his life. he shares with you several of them. (disclaimer: views and opinions pr...

    Официальный Tolec with Lisa Harrison - Andromedan Council contactee

    Tolec With Lisa Harrison - Andromedan Council Co...


    tolec is an andromedan council contactee. this is his first interview outside of and since going public with a series of interviews with alfred webre.

    Официальный Space Brothers Here To Help - The UFO Contactee Movement  - Gerard Aartsen

    Space Brothers Here To Help - The Ufo Contactee ...


    gerard aartsen gives a presentaiton on ufo contactees of the early days up to modern times. he says that this phenomena has been happening for a very long ti...

    Orion Contactee 2013 Update- Part-1

    Orion Contactee 2013 Update- Part-1


    recent interview and update with bbs radio host andrew feder with orion contactee phil coseski from may-3-2013 -. topics discussed were latest contact with a...

    Официальный Contactee Simon Parkes Part 1

    Contactee Simon Parkes Part 1


    simon parkes discusses his highly detailed and complex contacts with extra & interdimensional beings called mantis, and the greys and reptilians. in part 1 o...

    Официальный UFO Contactee NO To The New World Order - Chronicles Of The Ancient - Nadira Duran

    Ufo Contactee No To The New World Order - Chroni...


    a rcoones video: nadiraangels@hotmail.com from an unusual birth to contacts through out her life, nadira has had contacts from above and continues to have vi...

    HD Официальный Dante Kali Das: Alien Contactee

    Dante Kali Das: Alien Contactee


    we interview dante kali das, who details his life experience as an alien contactee. dante goes into detail with several of his alien encounters, the aliens b...

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